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"First we shape our buildings, and afterwards, our buildings shape us", this quote from Winston Churchill could have been the inspiration for the development of the New Work Studio. Because the 8 m2 event room is not only a workshop and mini lecture room, it is above all a place where the effect of rooms can be experienced. In fact, the initial spark for the construction of the New Work Studio was an idea of the Berlin lateral thinker and architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel. He conceived a settlement of Tiny Houses that was to stand as a temporary installation on the Bauhaus campus in Berlin during the 2017 summer semester. Tiny Houses were quickly found for use as apartments and as cafés. What was missing was a communication space. In the New Work initiatives of XING and IBA, this idea fell on fertile ground. DELL, SAP and Design Offices joined in and provided the technology for the communication room. The New Work Studio was built by the Edgar Reinke workshop in Berlin. In the meantime there is a second New Work Studio, with which we go on tour again and again. The third Tiny House is planned for 2020.

Impressions of the New Work Studio