WW Festival: Viviane Mörmann

Viviane Mörmann
Art Curator & Consultant

Viviane Mörmann is an independent art consultant, curator, and project manager. She currently works for Stiftung Kunstsammlung Albert & Melanie Rüegg and has previously overseen art collections at Deutsche Bank and Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherung. In these roles, she addressed questions of sustainability, creativity, and future design while curating art collections, exhibitions, and education programs. In her book “The Corporate Art Index,” Viviane introduces innovative approaches to integrating art into business practices. Additionally, as co-publisher of “Edition 1+1,” she fosters connections between art enthusiasts and established Swiss artists, thereby enriching cultural discourse. Viviane Mörmann holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from St. Martin’s College of Art at the University of London and a Master of Arts in Art Administration from the University of Zurich. 

Photo: © Viviane Mörmann

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