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Bernd Hufnagl

Purposeful Thinking: How We Can Live and Work Better in a Digital World

Bernd Hufnagl @ Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festiva, Photo: @Bernd Hufnagl
Impact Oct 22 10:45
Claude Dutson

Engineering Serendipity: Collaboration and Creativity in the Architecture of Silicon Valley

WW - Work Culture Festival: Facebook Campus, © Claude Dutson
Team Oct 22 10:45
Maarten Jamin

The Future of Work is Shared: What’s Next for Co-working

WW - Work Culture Festival: Battersea Engine Room, © Jim Stephenson
Impact Oct 22 11:30
Sascha Lobo

Digitisation in the World of Work: Germany Needs an AI Boost

WW - Work Culture Festival: Sascha Lobo, ©Sascha Lobo
Impact Oct 22 11:30
Bernd Fels

From NewWork to NewRegion: New Ways to Organize Office Work

Bernd Fels @ WW - Work Culture Festival, © Bernd Fels
Impact Oct 22 14:00
Sophie Kleber

Harnessing AI: How Intelligent Ambiences Can Boost Productivity and Wellbeing at Work

Google Bay View, Credit: Iwan Baan
Team Oct 22 14:00
Thomas Breyer-Mayländer

Work Culture: Corporate Culture as a Success Factor in the Transformation Process

WW - Work Culture Festival. Transformation Processes. Photo: ©Pekic/iStock
Team Oct 22 14:45
Ben van Berkel

Healthy Structures: How Architecture Can Support Wellbeing

Ode, commercial and residential building in Amsterdam, © Bart van Hoek
Life Oct 22 14:45
Birgit Gebhardt, Clemens Wasner

Knowledge on Demand: How Will AI Change How (and Where) We Work?

WW - Work Culture Festival. Knowledge on Demand. Illustration: Signorinah
Impact Oct 22 15:30
Viviane Mörmann

Art works: Harnessing the power of art to drive organizational change

WW - Work Culture Festival, Credit: Viviane Mörmann
Life Oct 23 10:00
Mikkel Karstad

Food for Thought: What Should a Healthy Workforce Eat and Drink?

WW - Work Culture Festival: Mikkel Karstad, © Anders Schønnemann
Life Oct 23 10:45
Walter Werzowa

Supported by Sound: Why Music Can Make the Workforce Thrive

WW - Work Culture Festival: Walter Werzowa, Credit: Michael Werzowa
Life Oct 23 11:30
Heiner Hans

Good Lighting in Modern Office Concepts: Individual – Flexible – Sustainable

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Good Lighting, Photo: © TRILUX
Impact Oct 23 14:00
Katharina Radermacher

(In)flexible Working Models: How HR Practices Can Compensate for the Disadvantages

WW - Work Culture Festival. Flexible working models. Photo: © Anchiy / iStock
Team Oct 23 14:00
Vo Trong Nghia

Meditation Mode: Why Architects Need to Heal Themselves to Heal the World

WW - Work Culture Festival: Vo Trong Nghia Office, © VTN Architects
Life Oct 23 14:00
Birgit Gebhardt, Axel Buether

Spatial Perception: Where the Physical Office still Needs to Catch up in its Offerings [Dialogue]

Wherever Whenever - Festival: Talk with Birgit Gebhardt and Prof Dr Axel Buether
Impact Oct 23 14:45
Sabine Marcelis

The Shape of Things to Come: Why We Need Moments of Wonder

WW - Work Culture Festival, Credit: Sabine Marcelis
Life Oct 23 14:45
Daniel Dettling

From New to Next Work: “It´s the culture, stupid!”

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Daniel Dettling, Credit: Laurence Chaperon
Team Oct 23 14:45
Vaughn Tan

Embracing Uncertainty: What Corporations Can Learn from Chefs

WW - Work Culture Festival. Learning from Chefs. Foto: © RossHelen/iStock
Impact Oct 24 10:00
Lara Milerski, Monika Lepel

Lessons Learned GIZ Campus Bonn: What Remains! A Dialogue Between Planning and Use [Panel]

GIZ Campus Bonn,  © GIZ
Team Oct 24 10:45
Amelie Marie Fischer, Ann Sophie Lauterbach

The Workplace of Tomorrow: Participatory and Evidence-based Office Design

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Workspace of Tomorrow
Team Oct 24 10:45
Jette Hopp

Starchitecture Without Starchitects: How to Create Work Environments That Foster Collective Excellence

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival, Speech: Jette Hopp, Credit: ​​​​​​​Snøhetta
Team Oct 24 10:45
Birgit Gebhardt, Felix Dibelka

The Office as a Learning Space: New Work Always Means Reskilling

Wherever Whenever - Festival: Gebhardt-Dibelka
Team Oct 24 11:30
Axinia Braunisch, Robert Polgar

Building the Collaboration of Tomorrow: Sciencie in Transition

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Axinia Braunisch and Dr Robert Polgar, Building the Collaboration of Tomorrow (Credit: Leibniz Gemeinschaft)
Team Oct 24 14:00
Uli Blum

The Power of Data: How AI Transforms Workplace Design

Visualisation: © Uli Blum
Impact Oct 24 14:45
Oskar und Michael Trautmann


GEN Z Podcast: ZOOMER MEETS BOOMER, Credit: Oskar and Michael Trautmann
Team Oct 24 15:30
Michael Trautmann

New Work: When Work Turns into Something that Empowers People

Michael Trautmann, Photo: © Leading Minds
Team Oct 25 10:00
Eva Elisa Schneider, Nora Dietrich

Mental Health: What the Reality in Companies Looks Like and How We Can Change It for the Better

Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider | Nora Dietrich, Fotos: © Nadja Klier | Katja Hentschel 
Life Oct 25 10:00
Nicole Langosch, Katharina Wolff

A Change of Perspective: Leadership and Leading in Complex Situations [Talk]

WW - Work Culture Festival. Change of Perspectives. Photo: © Christopher Heil/iStock
Life Oct 25 10:45
Eva Elisa Schneider, Nora Dietrich

Let’s Talk About Mental Health: Experience Live How Mental Health (Doesn’t) Work [Workshop]

WW - Work Culture Festival. Mental Health. Photo: © RerF/iStock (modifiziert)
Life Oct 25 10:45
Gratis Voucher