WW-WorkCultureFestival: Ursula Hertewich und Peter Tauber

The Value of Work: The Courage to Break New Ground

Ursula Hertewich’s career seemed predetermined. A native of Saarland, she was born into a family of pharmacists. After studying pharmacy, she completed her doctorate and supported her parents and sister in the pharmacy that her great-grandfather had founded 122 years ago. She subsequently felt called to join a convent, and the pharmacist became Sister Ursula. She has been a member of the Sisters of St Catherine of Siena in the Order of St Dominic since 2006 and lives in the Arenberg convent in Koblenz. In 2013, Sister Ursula made a permanent commitment to living as a nun.   

Peter Tauber was the Secretary General of the CDU at a time when he had to defend Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial refugee policy. A historian with a doctorate, he had to take so much criticism that he became dangerously ill. Today, at the age of 48, he is living happily and healthily in Gelnhausen. No longer a “Black Peter”, he is back on his feet again, helping to shape the economy and society in various roles and taking on new and exciting challenges, not least as a keen marathon runner. But as he says of himself, “You don’t have to be a hero.”

We talk to both of them about the courage to leave old paths and tread new ones, about change processes, values, friendships, leadership and trust.

[Language: German]

Photo: © connykurzfoto.de | Leading Minds

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