Mikkel-Karstad, Credit: Anders Schonnemann

Mikkel Karstad
Chef, Consultant, Author

Mikkel Karstad, a chef, culinary advisor and cookbook author, places a profound emphasis on creating sensory-rich culinary experiences rooted in his innate curiosity for the natural world and the bountiful array of seasonal vegetables it offers. With experience in Michelin-starred restaurants across London, Paris, and Copenhagen, Karstad honed his natural, contemporary cooking style at the renowned Noma restaurant. As head of the Danish Parliament’s canteen, he was recognised for his novel approach, utilising exclusively fresh, seasonal and regional ingredients. He currently oversees the management of the culinary offerings for staff and events at the headquarters of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Karstad’s culinary philosophy, exemplified in his diverse cookbook collection including “Evergreen”, focuses on the harmonious combination of flavour and presentation, advocating for a sustainable and seasonal approach to cooking. His overarching goal is to ignite inspiration for a greener and more seasonally-informed approach to eating, encouraging the utilisation of fresh, locally sourced vegetables. 

Photo: © Anders Schønnemann

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