WW - Work Culture Festival: Mikkel Karstad, © Anders Schønnemann

Food for Thought: What Should a Healthy Workforce Eat and Drink?

“I aim to enhance people’s workday through wholesome meals. Lunch breaks should embody health and sustainability. To achieve this, we reduce the meat portion on our menus by nearly half and elevate vegetables as the focal point of our dishes.”  Mikkel Karstad | Chef, Consultant, Author

Mikkel Karstad explores the vital connection between nutrition and productivity in the workplace. In his talk, he will outline what office workers need to eat and drink to maintain focus and efficiency throughout a workday while presenting actionable strategies to ensure sustained well-being. This involves transitioning canteen offerings from “brown to green,” placing vegetables at the forefront of dishes, shifting focus from quantity to quality, and offering healthier alternatives to the ubiquitous ‘quick sugar fix’ to cultivate a culinary culture centered on wellness and vitality. 

Photo: © Anders Schønnemann

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