WW-Festival: Ralf Rangnick, Foto: ©Sandrino Donnhauser

Ralf Rangnick
Football Coach

In 2024, Ralf Rangnick is leading the Austrian national team as coach to the EURO24 in Germany. Football is his passion: he played for VfB Stuttgart, VfR Heilbronn and SSV Ulm 1846 and dedicated himself fully to the sport after completing his degree in education. In 1983, Ralf Rangnick became a licensed football instructor and initially worked as a coach for amateur clubs such as FC Viktoria Backnang, TSV Lippoldsweiler and SC Korb, before moving on to Bundesliga clubs from 1997 on. Promotions to the first league with SSV Ulm 1846 and TSG Hoffenheim, second place in the German championship and winning the DFB Cup with FC Schalke 04 are just some of his successes during this time. From 2012 to 2015, Ralf Rangnick worked as sports director at Red Bull Salzburg and likewise with Rasenballsport Leipzig from June 2012 to July 2019. He participated in the phenomenal rise of the Leipzig team from the fourth league to the first league and during the 2015–16 and 2018–19 seasons, he also fulfilled the double role of the head coach. With the continued development and success of the Club, he held the position of Head of Sport and Development Soccer at Red Bull and coordinated the Red Bull soccer activities worldwide.

Ralf Rangnick is a visionary and perfectionist. As such, he knows just how important a holistic approach, the consistent focus on one aim and the required perseverance are for success. At the WW Festival, he speaks about his personal experience on building and motivating teams. Learn how this knowledge can be transferred to other fields of business and social life.

Photo: © Sandrino Donnhauser

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