WW - Work Culture Festival. Talk with: Ralf Rangnick. Photo: Steevy84 / iStock

Leadership and Team: Everyone Has to Take Responsibility [dialogue]

“You have to be born to be a head coach to some extent.”

Even as a six-year-old, Ralf Rangnick wanted to organise the teams, the match and show others how they could improve while playing football with nine-year-olds.  

He now considers his job primarily as a ‘development aid’: the holistic concept is important to him, not scrutinising every little part of his job for improvement potential. Rangnick says: “The biggest motivator for people is not money, but having a boss, trainer or professor who makes you better”.  At ORGATEC, we talk to Ralf Rangnick about leadership, consistent decision-making and, of course, football.  

[Language: German]

Photo: © Steevy84 / iStock


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