Bernd Hufnagl @ Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festiva, Photo: @Bernd Hufnagl

Purposeful Thinking: How We Can Live and Work Better in a Digital World

We’re still living with old brains in a new world. In terms of evolutionary biology, survival meant falling back on stereotypes, storing up calories, and trusting new knowledge less than what we have already heard. In late-modern Western societies, this tends to make us hostile to the future, overweight, and less open to the world. We can override this programming, but it’s just more strenuous for our brains, a “human resource” that is being increasingly overloaded in a complex world. If we can now outsource rational information processing to the artificial resource that is AI, this will free up our memory capacities. How can we use it to navigate successfully in an increasingly complex world? At the Work Culture Festival, Bernd Hufnagl dissects what the digital future requires of the human brain — and what it facilitates. 

[Language: German]

Photo: @ Bernd Hufnagl

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