WW - Work Culture Festival. Knowledge on Demand. Illustration: Signorinah

Knowledge on Demand: How Will AI Change How (and Where) We Work?

Artificial intelligence is regarded as one of the key disruptors that will change almost a quarter of jobs by 2027 (WEF Jobs Report 2024). The question now is: how?

The futurologist Birgit Gebhardt and the AI expert Clemens Wasner throw their ideas into the ring. How can natural and artificial intelligence work together? How do transdisciplinary teams work when expertise and formats are available on an ad hoc basis? And how would our work tools and environments have to change if communication were intuitive and seamless?

Two enthusiasts of progress outline the spectrum of possibilities in a verbal game of ping-pong.

[Language: German]

Illustration: © Signorinah

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