Bernd Fels @ WW - Work Culture Festival, © Bernd Fels

From NewWork to NewRegion: New Ways to Organize Office Work

“There have never before been so many ways to organize office work.”

Due to demographic trends, we are heading towards a stronger employee market that will require more life-phase-oriented working models, combined with the desire for more flexibility in terms of time and place. This includes hybrid working methods, increasingly supported by digital tools. Their use will be accepted and demanded by an increasingly digital society.

Hybrid working will always be possible in multiple locations (home, office, coworking space, café, city, train, car, holiday, park bench, etc.) if people want to do it and the organization and the culture allow it. Remote working will require fewer specific policies, but rather a shared understanding of work (manifesto of collaboration). Work will become much more flexible and situational. This will also have an impact on urban and regional development. A shared real place where organizations meet will become all the more important. Community and collaboration will be central. Depending on the task and the situation, recurring, ritualized collaboration in a shared, real place will be central to the success of the organization. This place could be your own office, which will change significantly in terms of space and services. The principle: fewer but better and more sustainable spaces with experiential and recreational qualities for employees and third parties. But it could also be a changing third place where people meet from time to time.

In his presentation, Bernd Fels draws on 20 years of professional experience in the field of new working environments.

[Language: German]

Photo: © Bernd Fels

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