Ode, commercial and residential building in Amsterdam, © Bart van Hoek

Healthy Structures: How Architecture Can Support Wellbeing

“Living in a twenty-first-century world, where almost every necessity is available at one’s fingertips, technological innovations and public policies that enable healthy environments are of particular interest in our design strategies.”

We live in an era witnessing a profound transformation in work culture. Companies now vie for talent, while talent demands workspaces tailored to their contemporary needs. This spans various scales, from sustainable building designs and flexible spaces to diverse program offerings, and even the chairs tomorrow’s workforce will utilise. Across all these facets looms a paramount concern: the health and wellbeing—physical, mental, and social—of the workforce emerges as the primary focus in tomorrow’s working design. 

Photo: Ode, Commercial and residential building in Amsterdam, © Bart van Hoek

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