Welcome to the world of OFML!

The furnishing of offices requires expertise — and the availability of the right tools. That’s why a uniform data standard was created for all office furnishings: OFML. Almost all the manufacturers of office furniture in German-speaking countries supply OFML data about their products. There is also a steadily growing amount of data for products from other countries.

What is OFML?

In addition to 2D and 3D views, OFML data contain configuration-related information, descriptive texts about the products, and business information for making offers and for merchandise management.

Software solutions are available for the following areas of application:

  • the configuration of complex products
  • 2D and 3D planning
  • professional visualization
  • drawing up offers
  • ERP/ordering systems
Examples of OFML applications
Examples of OFML applications Lupe_grau

OFML enables users to make complex plans without needing AutoCad®.

Expanded applications

A special application of the OFML data is the acoustic plug-in. This extension of pCon.planner 6 PRO — the most widely used planning software in the office furniture sector — combines the planning of office furniture with the forecasting of the acoustic properties of rooms. The plug-in provides a basis for estimating reverberation times. Additional acoustic calculations can be made by transmitting the data for all the surfaces in a room (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other furnishings) and their sound absorption values to the professional software CadnaR.

Calculation of the reverberation time with the acoustic plug-in
Calculation of the reverberation time with the acoustic plug-in Lupe_grau


Brand owner of the OFML standard is the IBA. Despite of this OFML can also be used by companies that are not members of the German Interior Business Association or belong to other sectors.