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We are thinking ahead

As a representative of the office furnishing industry, we address the central themes of office work, which range from the factors that make a company an attractive employer to holistic interior design.


IBA Forum

The Interior Business Association for Offices and the Working World is the initiator and sponsor of the IBA Forum. Members of the association present their showrooms here. The platform is also open to third parties.

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Our themes

e.g. employer appeal

In the future, employers who want to find the best workers and retain their permanent loyalty must offer an attractive work environment and offices that are designed to promote creativity, communication and motivation.

The requirements for a state-of-the-art workplace design go far beyond the capabilities of traditional office furnishings.

A multifaceted design is a first step towards an attractive working environment.
A multifaceted design is a first step towards an attractive working environment. Lupe_grau
Designing rooms requires a wide range of knowledge.
Designing rooms requires a wide range of knowledge. Lupe_grau

e.g. holistic interior design

Today there is a demand for flexible and innovative solutions that address very diverse aspects of office work, ranging from the integration of new forms of communication and new technologies to the development and testing of flexible organizational structures. 

This requires broad know-how, experience, analytical thinking and creativity.

Our activities

To help employers design their work environments, the Interior Business Association (IBA) advises on all the areas relevant to design — from desks, seating and storage furniture to lighting and technology integration.

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bso has become IBA

Until October 2016, our name was bso Verband Büro-, Sitz- und Objektmöbel (Association for Office, Seating and Facility Furniture). It had developed over time, but eventually it covered only part of our expanding spectrum of themes and services. Our directors and members therefore decided to change the name to Industrieverband Büro und Arbeitswelt (Industrial Association of Office and Work Environment) or Interior Business Association.