Unfortunately, at the moment only our New Work Order Studies are available in English. Therefore we ask for your understanding.


New Work Order – Die Macht des Raums

ORGATEC Special 2022
The experience during the Corona pandemic has accelerated many developments and called others into question. So it made sense to review the departure into a new work culture described in the four preceding New Work Order studies and to supplement it with new insights. The core question of the study, "Are our workspaces fit for tomorrow?", refers to ORGATEC 2022, where the workplace of the future will be explored in its many facets.

Author: Birgit Gebhardt, trend expert

English edition: Special Edition - The Power of Space


German edition: Baseline study - Start into a new work culture

How is office work changing? What are the key drivers? How is cooperation changing? These were the initial questions for the first New Work Order study.

Authors: Birgit Gebhardt and Florian Häupl.
(At the time of writing, both authors were employees of Trendbüro, Hamburg.)

Englisch edition: New Work Order (Basic study)


German edition: In-depth study - Organization in change

The study describes new structures, rules and governance processes for organizations in the midst of digital value creation.

Author: Birgit Gebhardt, trend expert

English edition: Special study – Organisations in transition

German edition: In-depth study: Creative Learning Environments

The study brings together expert opinions on new forms of learning and it looks at new places of learning where the next generation can experience the new learning today on the basis of a variety of offers.

Author: Birgit Gebhardt, trend expert

English edition: In-depth study - Creative Learning Environments

German edition: In-depth study - The Human Factor@Work

This study does not ask for a new post-pandemic normal everyday life, but for a future networked working world that puts people at the centre.

Authors: Birgit Gebhardt 

English edition: In-depth study - The Human Factor@Work



English edition: Information on LEVEL certifications


Édition française: Informations sur les certifications LEVEL

SPECIALIST PUBLICATIONS (only available in German)

Fachschrift Nr. 8 – Raumakustik, 3. Auflage (nur als PDF erhältlich)

Fachschrift Nr. 8 – Raumakustik, Ergänzung ASR A3.7 (nur als PDF erhältlich)


Fachschrift Nr. 11 – Schall- und Lärmwirkung, 2. Auflage (nur als PDF erhältlich)

Fachschrift Nr. 10 – Kreativität und Gesundheit (nur als PDF erhältlich)


Fachschrift Nr. 12 – Licht (nur als PDF erhältlich)


IBA STUDIES (only available in German)

Studie – Erkenntnisse aus Arbeitgeberbewertungen

IBA-Studie 2019/20 (nur als PDF erhältlich)


IBA-Studie 2017 (nur als PDF erhältlich)


bso-Studie 2015 (nur als PDF erhältlich)


bso-Studie 2013/14 (nur als PDF erhältlich)