Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Workspace of Tomorrow

The Workplace of Tomorrow: Participatory and Evidence-based Office Design

In the working world of tomorrow, offices will not only be functional but also inspiring and health-promoting. Researchers Amelie Marie Fischer and Ann Sophie Lauterbach present practical examples and the latest research findings that show what is already possible today and what developments await us. They highlight the importance of employee involvement and the use of sound scientific evidence. Find out how participative processes and evidence-based approaches can increase the productivity and well-being of employees and make companies fit for the future.

‘In my vision of the future of work, productivity is rethought. Meaningful work unites us in change and creates the basis for collective pattern-breaking to successfully manage change. Finding interdisciplinary solutions, rather than looking at problems in isolation, will be crucial to meeting the challenges of the future.’ Amelie Marie Fischer 

“Amidst all the cost and market analyses, one thing must not be lost: the change in the working environment must be co-designed by the actual users – not imposed from above on the basis of suspicion.’ Ann Sophie Lauterbach
[Language: German]

Photoes: © Amelie Marie Fischer, Ann Sophie Lauterbach

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