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Lessons Learned GIZ Campus Bonn: What Remains! A Dialogue Between Planning and Use [Panel]

In this panel, Lara Milerski (Head of Sustainability and Efficient Space Management at GIZ Bonn) and Monika Lepel (interior designer at LEPEL & LEPEL Architekten) will engage in a dialogue to shed light on the following topics:

Transform: By expanding its Bonn headquarters into a corporate campus, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) created a state-of-the-art working environment for 2,000 employees. Back then, lots of things were new. And the employees were involved in the planning and development process.

Sticking with it: From the very start, experience was gathered and analysed – in collaboration with the employees.

Improvíng: Learning the lessons from previous planning and user experiences makes it possible to implement improvements and increase the efficiency of the work environments. What practical measures can be taken to build on the lessons learned?

Being successful: What strategies lead to a successful use of space? Which factors are crucial for an effective and inspiring working environment?

Staying flexible: How can modern workspaces be designed to adapt to changing demands and needs?

[Language: German]

Photo: © GIZ

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