Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Axinia Braunisch and Dr Robert Polgar, Building the Collaboration of Tomorrow (Credit: Leibniz Gemeinschaft)

Building the Collaboration of Tomorrow: Science in Transition

The presentation provides an insight into the changing world of work at a renowned non-university scientific organization, emphasizes the importance of sustainability and shows how sharing infrastructure can contribute to environmental compatibility and increased efficiency. The work environment in the field of scientific research is undergoing profound changes, driven by technological advances and changing working models. As a non-university scientific organization, the Leibniz Association is exploring the idea of infrastructure sharing against the backdrop of the changing world of work. Axinia Braunisch and Robert Polgar present an approach to a more efficient use of resources that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration while also contributing to the sustainability of scientific research. How can this idea help reduce the waste of resources? Join Robert Polgar and Axinia Braunisch as they discuss the benefits and challenges of this idea, which could shape and innovate the future of research in this organization (and beyond).

[Language: German]

Photo: © Leibniz Gemeinschaft

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