WW - Work Culture Festival. Vortrag: Cawa Younosi. Foto: filadendron / iStock

The Lack of Skilled Workers: The Hidden Opportunities for Employees, Companies and Society

Germany is wasting potential at every turn. This untapped potential must be realised and used if the lack of skilled workers is to be effectively countered. Cawa Younosi’s thesis is that if this is done, Germany would experience an unprecedented boost in productivity and take a major step towards true international competitiveness. In his talk, Cawa discusses the consequences of untapped potential in working life, the lack of recognition and support in the working environment, obstructive hierarchies and rigid structures, a lack of flexibility and innovation and, above all, the promotion of diversity, creativity and employee involvement. His vision: a working world that uses human potential to the greatest possible extent.   

[Language: German]

Photo: © filadendron / iStock


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