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Good conditions for teamwork

'Group offices are spatial units that are provided to create up to 25 desk or VDU workplaces, as a rule. The workplaces are close to windows and are clearly separated from one another by means of partition walls or flexible space-structuring systems.' (Definition by ASR A1.2)

Group or team offices are often occupied by entire organizational units. They are especially suitable for company units that require close coordination between the individual employees. Because acoustical separation of the workplaces is possible only to a limited degree or, alternatively, would require more floor space, group offices are suitable for concentrated work only within limits.


For the separation of workplace groups that is specified in ASR A1.2 also cabinets can be used.


  • close cooperation within a team or department is possible
  • flexible organization of work
  • more flexibility for needs-based changes compared to smaller office units 


  • optimizing acoustics requires comparatively much effort
  • concentrated work is often possible to only a limited extent
  • individual regulation of temperature and lighting is only partly possible

According to ASR A1.2 only those rooms may be used 'whose floor space comprises at least 8 m2 for the first workplace in a room and at least 6 m2 for each additional workplace'. In addition, every employee must be provided with at least 12 m3 of air space. (Note: These requirements do not apply to conference and training rooms.)


  • Group office for 16 persons (left) 1 / 3 Group office for 16 persons (left)
  • Group office for 8 persons (top right) in combination with single and multi-persons offices 2 / 3 Group office for 8 persons (top right) in combination with single and multi-persons offices
  • Group office for 19 persons (left) 3 / 3 Group office for 19 persons (left)


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