Type of office Individual office

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A high degree of privacy

According to ASR A1.2, individual offices are in the category of cellular offices. As a rule, cellular offices are 'arranged along a building’s outer wall and are accessible via a shared corridor'. (Definition by ASR A1.2)

In individual offices, every employee works in his or her own office. This office format is very popular with most employees. It is especially suited for activities that require a high degree of confidentiality or especially intense concentration.


  • concentrated, uninterrupted and creative work
  • high degree of confidentiality
  • individual adjustment of temperature and lighting is possible
  • the work area can be adapted to meet individual needs


  • lots of space required
  • little flexibility if there are solid walls
  • lack of transparency

According to ASR A1.2, only rooms with floor space of at least 8 m2 can be used as individual offices.


Cellular office structure with single and multi-person offices
Cellular office structure with single and multi-person offices Lupe_grau


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