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Decision AI: How AI Is Changing the World of Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the economy and the job market, with developments such as ChatGPT and CoPilot accelerating progress and changing the way we work and communicate. Systems are still analysing data, but in the future they will prepare and make decisions.

This creates new challenges and, above all, new requirements: the new division of labour means new roles and responsibilities within organisations. Managers will be required to use AI as a tool, but also to change and adapt the structures within organisations. At the Work Culture Festival, we talk to Andreas Loroch (VORSPRUNGatwork) and Thorsten Heilig (paretos) about how AI can help companies make the right decisions along the entire value chain.

[Language: German]

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23 October 2024

Viviane Mörmann

Art Works: Harnessing the Power of Art to Drive Organizational Change

WW - Work Culture Festival, Credit: Viviane Mörmann
Team Oct 23 10:00
Corinna Döpkens

Anywhere Office: Working Models in Times of Future Work – a Holistic View

WW - Work Culture Festival: Workation, ©Corinna Döpkens
Life Oct 23 10:00
Daniel Dettling

From New to Next Work: “It´s the Culture, Stupid!”

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Daniel Dettling, Credit: Laurence Chaperon
Team Oct 23 10:45
Andreas Loroch, Thorsten Heilig

Decision AI: How AI Is Changing the World of Work

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival, Decision AI, Foto: gremlin / iStock
Impact Oct 23 10:45
Mikkel Karstad

Food for Thought: What Should a Healthy Workforce Eat and Drink?

WW - Work Culture Festival: Mikkel Karstad, © Anders Schønnemann
Life Oct 23 10:45
Walter Werzowa

Supported by Sound: Why Music Can Make the Workforce Thrive

WW - Work Culture Festival: Walter Werzowa, Credit: Michael Werzowa
Life Oct 23 11:30

Disruption and New Energy: On Transformation in the World of Music and Sustainability in the Racing Industry

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Smudo, Foto: Credit: Franz Schepers
Life Oct 23 11:30
Vo Trong Nghia

Meditation Mode: Why Architects Need to Heal Themselves to Heal the World

WW - Work Culture Festival: Vo Trong Nghia Office, © VTN Architects
Life Oct 23 14:00
Heiner Hans

Good Lighting in Modern Office Concepts: Individual – Flexible – Sustainable

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Good Lighting, Photo: © TRILUX
Impact Oct 23 14:00
Katharina Radermacher

(In)flexible Working Models: How HR Practices Can Compensate for the Disadvantages

WW - Work Culture Festival. Flexible working models. Photo: © Anchiy / iStock
Team Oct 23 14:00
Sabine Marcelis

The Shape of Things to Come: Why We Need Moments of Wonder

WW - Work Culture Festival, Credit: Sabine Marcelis
Life Oct 23 14:45
Birgit Gebhardt, Axel Buether

Spatial Perception: Where the Physical Office still Needs to Catch up in its Offerings [Dialogue]

Wherever Whenever - Festival: Talk with Birgit Gebhardt and Prof Dr Axel Buether
Impact Oct 23 14:45
Stefan Carsten

The Immobile Society: How Metamobility Will Change our Working Environments

Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Stefan Carsten, Credit: gremlin / iStock
Life Oct 23 14:45
Martin Führ

Sustainability: Eco-design regulations and chemicals in products and process

Wherever Whenever - Festival: Prof Dr Martin Fuehr, image on basis of -strizh-/iStock
Impact Oct 23 14:45
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