Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Daniel Dettling, Credit: Laurence Chaperon

From New to Next Work: “It´s the culture, stupid!”

“It’s about places, times, content, and skills. And about a new relationship with technology and innovations.”  Dr Daniel Dettling | Futurologist 

The digital upheaval in the world of work is challenging companies and employees alike. Remote work was the beginning, and ChatGPT is not the end of the story. New Work and New Care are inextricably linked and lead to Next Work. The central questions will be: what kind of work will we do in the future, how, and why? How can companies become more resilient and more sustainable? How can they secure the skilled labour they require? And how can they transform themselves into skill-based organizations? The ongoing transformation is more than a purely technological issue. It is an opportunity to further humanize the world of work.

[Language: German]

Photo: © Laurence Chaperon

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