WW - Work Culture Festival, Credit: Sabine Marcelis

The Shape of Things to Come: Why We Need Moments of Wonder

“Every time I go outside, I’m struck by myriad little details, such as frost delicately resting on leaves in winter or the way light dances on water. There’s such beauty to discover. These natural occurrences, these small moments, often serve as inspiration, igniting a desire to translate them into objects or installations.“  Sabine Marcelis | Designer

Sabine Marcelis operates a studio perpetually in search of magical moments within materiality and production processes, aiming to create unexpected experiences and, above all, moments of wonder. These moments are the inspiration, the process, and the outcome of her work. They captivate viewers, fostering a lasting attachment to her designs and artworks. In a world where uniformity and fast-paced trends dominate, where can moments of wonder be found, and what is their significance? Marcelis delves into her design practice and methodology, revealing how these moments remain central to her creative work. 

Photo: © Cleo Goossens

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