Wherever Whenever - Work Culture Festival: Good Lighting, Photo: © TRILUX

Good Lighting in Modern Office Concepts: Individual – Flexible – Sustainable

Light has the power to inspire, motivate and energise. With this knowledge, it is important to develop sustainable lighting solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of employees. However, traditional design approaches are no longer effective for new office concepts. Instead of uniform light from wall to wall, lighting needs to be differentiated according to the work being done in the different zones of an office environment. The aim is to combine standardised lighting with atmospheric and decorative lighting in the right proportions. New objectives such as the adaptability of the lighting situation and flexibility in the face of changing work requirements deserve attention. If sustainable lighting solutions can be created in this way, the best conditions for greater well-being, health and motivation will be created.

[Language: German]

Photo: © TRILUX

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