Wherever Whenever - Festival: Talk with Birgit Gebhardt and Prof Dr Axel Buether

Spatial Perception: Where the Physical Office still Needs to Catch up in its Offerings [Dialogue]

We perceive space through our senses, which are constantly responding to our surroundings. This means that our perception has always been our key to the world. If the world is changing rapidly, how do we perceive it? If the built environment can be extended to include virtual worlds, what experiences do we have in which worlds? And if our new work tools are placed directly on our sensory organs, so that we can orientate our ears and eyes in a targeted way – what new spaces of perception will this open up for us?

Professor Axel Buether, who researches visual perception and the effect of space on people, will take up the theories and questions put forward by futurologist and trend expert Birgit Gebhardt. He will show us how complex and intelligent our perception is, and where the physical office still has to catch up in terms of what it can offer us in learning and experience.

[Language: German]

Illustration: © Signorinah

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