WW - Work Culture Festival: Vo Trong Nghia Office, © VTN Architects

Meditation Mode: Why Architects Need to Heal Themselves to Heal the World

“Through mindfulness and meditation, architects can become the advocates of a more balanced, sustainable world, where both Earth and its inhabitants live in harmony.” Vo Trong Nghia | VTN Architects

Construction projects and urban development have particularly impacted natural environments and contributed significantly to environmental degradation. Vo Trong Nghia argues that it is the responsibility of architects to explore designs that heal the Earth, minimising energy consumption and negative environmental impact. Different climate zones require unique solutions tailored to local materials, cultures, and geographical characteristics. However, the true crisis lies within the human psyche: stress, anxiety, and depression, exacerbated by constant digital connectivity and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vo Trong Nghia urges architects to focus first on inner healing. Through self-reflection in meditation, a deeper connection with the self can be found. Only then will it be possible to engage in architectural projects that harmonise with nature and unleash a regenerative force for our precious planet.

Photo: VTN Office, © VTN Architects

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