WW - Work Culture Festival: Walter Werzowa, Credit: Michael Werzowa

Supported by Sound: Why Music Can Make the Workforce Thrive

“In the workplace of tomorrow, speficfic sounds can not only enhance workplace well-being but also assist individuals in reaching higher levels of concentration. Music proves to be a versatile therapeutic remedy, offering support for conditions spanning from pain and depression to strokes and stress. Music is increasingly acknowledged as a crucial factor in the healing process and stress recovery.”   Walter Werzowa | Health Tunes

In his talk, Walter Werzowa delves into the transformative power of ‘healing sound’. He shares his personal journey of discovery, unveiling the therapeutic potential of music. Exploring the intricate role of sound in the workplace, Werzowa questions whether silence is indeed indispensable for productivity, or if thoughtfully selected sounds and melodies can foster enhanced focus and creativity. Furthermore, he delves into the notion of a fundamental frequency essential for overall well-being, illustrating how music serves as a potent antidote to stress. Expanding on this, Walter highlights his collaborative work with medical doctors and neuroscientists on fine-tuning MusicMedicine for conditions such as anxiety, sleep disorders, pain, dementia, and epilepsy. Concluding with an exploration of his music therapy start-up HealthTunes, Werzowa illuminates its potential benefits for employers and employees alike. 

Photo: © Michael Werzowa

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