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Meeting the challenges of New Work through a playful corporate culture: Interview with Ali Mahlodji (part 1)

Interview with Ali Mahlodji on playful corporate culture and the future role of offices. Weiterlesen

Ali Mahlodji, photo credits: www.stefanjoham.com

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Office Reconnected: Interview with Oona Horx Strathern

In her Home Report 2023, housing expert Oona Horx Strathern presents the latest trends in architecture and interior design. In an interview with OFFICE ROXX, she explains why the office must be completely rethought in the course of hybrid working models. Weiterlesen

Portrait Oona Horx Strathern

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Anchor for employees and a tribute to Frankfurt’s diversity

With the relocation of the Microsoft office from an industrial district in Bad-Homburg to Frankfurt, Microsoft is continuing its strategy of moving to attractive and conveniently located sites in city centres and creating good conditions for hybrid working. In the new Frankfurt office, only 22… Weiterlesen

Microsoft Headquarters Frankfurt am Main, Photo: Konrad Kastenmeier

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People want to meet people: Results of the Workspace Benchmark Report

The future of the world of work is on the move. This is the conclusion of the “Workspace Benchmark Report 2022” by the planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer. Weiterlesen

Roxx_article_DS-G17-NEWWORK-POCKETPARK, image: Peter Neusser

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Can well-being in the office increase productivity?

Dr Craig Knight on whether employee well-being can lead to greater resilience, stronger employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher performance and productivity. Weiterlesen

Measurement of performance with the Knight Index

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How technology is changing the word of work: An interview with Jay Latta

The world of work is changing. Artificial intelligence and innovation are advancing and digital space is also making its space into companies. How are these trends affecting workspaces? An interview with technology strategist Jay Latta (in two parts). Weiterlesen

Jay Latta

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Interview with Ms von Kretschmann, Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

Hospitality and the hotel business are closely connected. But today hospitality, in the form of corporate hospitality, is being discovered as a mark of quality in other areas of the working world as well. Weiterlesen

Caroline von Kretschmann, Europäischer Hof Heidelberg

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The office as a “place to meet“

With the establishment of hybrid working concepts, new habits and demands on the world of work have evolved. When returning to the office, the office becomes more than ever a meeting place. Because it is precisely this togetherness that many people missed during their time working from home. The… Weiterlesen

Dauphin hospitality case study - Zueco Averio @Dauphin

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Art in the world of work: A talk with Dr Ulrike Lehmann

In order to enhance the quality of stay in their offices, some companies are including art in their interior design concepts. Dr Ulrike Lehmann is an art educator, speaker and trainer. In her coaching sessions for managers and teams, she uses art and looking at art as an opportunity to communicate… Weiterlesen

Dr. Ulrike Lehmann

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What role will the office play in the future?

“What are offices actually good for?” is a question that many companies, spatial designers, facility managers and HR executives are currently asking themselves. In times of hybrid work, the office has lost its unique selling proposition and is competing more than ever with alternative workspaces… Weiterlesen

Photo: Dauphin

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Learning venues: MED Campus Linz

The new building project of the MED Campus Linz has a special kind of charm. That’s because it’s the result of a unique plan: to connect the General Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Linz on an effective area of about 12,500 m² in the city centre. Weiterlesen

ANDREU WORLD Case Study Med Campus Linz

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Why corporate culture is important for employer branding: Interview with Marisa Leutenecker

Today the topics of employer appeal and the cultural transformation in companies are hotter than ever. The IBA Forum discussed these topics with Marisa Leutenecker, an expert on employer branding, New Work and corporate culture. We were especially interested in the question of how companies can… Weiterlesen

Marisa Leutenecker

5 questions to ...

Spatial psychology: Five questions to Uwe Linke on the attractiveness of the office

Companies are faced with the task of getting their employees back to the office. On the occasion of the current discussion about the attractiveness of offices, we asked the spatial psychologist and designer Uwe Linke on spatial experiences, spatial quality and corporate hospitality. Weiterlesen

Uwe Linke, spatial psychologist