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A gigantic construction kit for experiments: the Digital Lab of SCHOTT AG

An old industrial sales hall in Mainz is becoming a “digital melting pot”. Dark Horse Workspaces has designed the Digital Lab — a new home for all the digital initiatives of the SCHOTT international technology company. It’s exactly the right environment for thrilling experiments, happy accidents… Weiterlesen

Digital Lab of SCHOTT AG, photo: Lennart Wiedemuth

Workspaces of Tomorrow

Healthy work environment: An interview with the mental health expert Nora Dietrich

Thomas Löhmer, Partner, Central Services at the auditing company KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, talks about the new workspaces at the OPTINEO in the Werksviertel München. The company’s teams moved into the building in July 2023. Weiterlesen

Thomas Löhmer, Head of Infrastructure KPMG

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New Work environment at JLL London

TRILUX has developed a holistic lighting concept for the new London headquarters of the international real estate group JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) and its New Work environment. Weiterlesen

New Work environment at  JLL London

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Added value office

Hybrid work: Factors that affect the choice of a workplace

Hybrid working arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent ifo Institute survey of companies, employees in Germany spend 17% of their overall working time working from home. This percentage varies depending on the sector and the type of work. If the job can be done from… Weiterlesen

eam meeting in the office: unsplash.com, @Austin Distel

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Good acoustics: DATEV IT-Campus 111 in Nuremberg

The IT Campus 111 of DATEV eG was built on the former site of Möbel Quelle, across from the historic Courtroom 600, where the Nuremberg trials were held. Weiterlesen

Preform Discreto @ DATEV IT-Campus Nuremberg

Workspaces of Tomorrow

The new colleague AI

In the future it will be impossible to conceive of the office as a learning space without the new colleague AI. The editorial staff of IBA Forum talked with the communication designer Marc Engenhart about the work environment of the future. Weiterlesen

IBA Forum: Marc Engenhardt

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Dr. Felix Dibelka

Artificial intelligence is starting to move into the world of work. This is setting new tasks for corporate learning; office design also needs to deal with the aspect of the learning space. An interview with Dr Felix Dibelka, an expert in the field of corporate learning. Weiterlesen

Dr Felix Dibelka, photo: IBA

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What do we wish for regarding our work?

What exactly do employees want from companies and what does this mean for the work models of tomorrow? The article looks at what employees wish regarding their work. Weiterlesen


Added value office

Enhancing the quality of stay with a coffee bar, a kitchenette, a cafeteria and co.

More and more companies are realizing the importance of a pleasant workplace atmosphere and planning to upgrade their offices. Accordingly, they are taking on the role of a host, or at least intend to do so. Weiterlesen

New Work SE canteen

Interzum 2023

How technology is changing the word of work: An interview with Jay Latta

Whether kitchens, bedrooms, the office furniture industry – manufacturers looked to Interzum in Cologne in May. Colour expert Christiane Scharpf found plenty of new products. She has summarised the most important colour trends for us. Weiterlesen

Colour Trends at Interzum - Collage: Christiane Scharpf

Learning world office

Gamification: We create a different way of working

Tech expert Jay Latta on how gamification can enrich the world of work in the future. Weiterlesen

photo: AdobeStock_488891056

Added value office

Real-life examples: Co-creation of work environments

Many different factors determine the perceived attractiveness of an office as a place to work: the functionality of spaces, the people who are encountered there, opportunities for individual choice and, last but not least, the “feel-good factor”. We will show you today three case studies on… Weiterlesen

IBA Forum: Co-Creation, Bild: istockphoto-1284233057

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Co-creation at Stabilus

Offices should not only function well but also offer workers a home away from home. They do this successfully if their furnishing concepts are developed in cooperation with the future users. Stabilus, a globally operating producer of motion-control solutions, chose a special process to do exactly… Weiterlesen

Stabilus Koblenz, photo: Stabilus

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Ines Thömel: Business dress code in transition

The IBA editorial team talks to personal stylist Ines Thömel about how business fashion has changed in recent years and how important authenticity is when it comes to clothing. Weiterlesen

Ines Thömel, photo credit: Xenia Bluhm