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Smart office: The networked working environment

An office that switches on the light when you enter, adjusts the temperature of work areas according to the preferences of the respective users and adapts the office furnishings individually to the personal body masses are becoming more and more common in the world of work. Weiterlesen

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Trend colours

Latest office trend colours

Colours are a popular creative tool. They have an unconscious effect on human interaction and have the power to change the message of spaces. Used wisely, colours improve brain performance and boost productivity as well as creativity in the office. Weiterlesen

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Recent study proves: Employees desire more eco-friendly offices

87 % of German employees desire a more eco-friendly office – and also expect corresponding company activities. This is what Essity’s “Tork Eco Office Study” proves. Weiterlesen

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Hacks for fit home-office workers

Staying Fit while Working from Home

Stressed out and too little exercise? It’s hard to move about enough in offices, but even harder when we work from home. Weiterlesen

Aline table range with a task chair from the Occo range, Wilkhahn

Findings of NWX22

Corporate Culture and how New Work is changing Leadership

Gero Hesse, Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost and Kerstin Potthoff-Koß at NWX22 in a talk about corporate culture, managing the new normal and the question of how new work is changing leadership. Weiterlesen

NWX22: Talk Prof. Dr Gesche Joost, Kerstin Potthoff-Koß and Gero Jesse

Findings of NWX22

Why our brains need daydreams: Dr Bernd Hufnagel offers unusual advice

Dr Bernd Hufnagl, a leading global neurobiologist, on the question why ur brains need daily daydreams as part of the new work experience 2022 in Hamburg. Weiterlesen

NWX22 Keynote: Dr. Bernd Hufnagl on daydreams

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Kinnarps Case Study: Stena Line´s new Headquarter in Hamburg

Extensive changes in the group and working culture have prompted one of Europe’s largest shipping companies to rethink the forms and places of work. Weiterlesen

Stena Line Germany, Image: Kinnarps

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Acoustic barriers: Acoustic design in offices

IBA member Hund Möbelwerke about acoustic barriers and acoustic design in offices. Weiterlesen

IBA Forum Newsroom: Acoustic design in offices. Hund Möbelwerke.


Co-working spaces are becoming more varied

Co-working spaces round out the range of available places of work. These are office spaces that are used jointly by many people and companies. Weiterlesen

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Office cabinet or bag? The personal storage space

A lot has also changed in terms of storing personal and shared items in the office. Let’s take a look at new and familiar options. Weiterlesen

New options for personal storage space in the office, image: WINEA TOOLZ My Kit, WINI