Work Culture

Work and culture are not opposites — they complement each other. They are creating a new holistic image of work characterized by modern rules for new forms of cooperation. Work culture will be the focus of the IBA Forum in 2024.


The future of work has become its present. Old certainties have become obsolete. Cooperation within companies is no longer determined solely by employers, organizations and managers. Employees are redefining work in terms of their own requirements and experience acquired by trying things out from day to day. This is how the coordinates of New Work and a new work culture are emerging.

We are devoting the IBA Forum and ORGATEC 2024 to this transformation and its facets. We’ll be addressing teamwork, health and wellness, as well as the effects of our activities on the environment and society. We’ll be looking at people, companies and technology, and of course at artificial intelligence and a new work culture. 

Here’s a small foretaste of what you can look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Orgatec 2024

Wherever Whenever 

The highlight of 2024 will be the Wherever Whenever – Work Culture Festival at ORGATEC, the leading international trade fair for the modern working world. From 22 to 25 October 2024, the trade fair and the festival will become the marketplace of the future world of work and new forms of cooperation. At ORGATEC 2024, the makers and shapers of companies will meet prominent figures from the fields of architecture, creative culture, business, sports and social life. It will be a unique opportunity to invigorate the new work culture.  

In our newsroom

Where and how we work  

In our newsroom we discuss new forms of cooperation and networking and, on that basis, the new role of the office. Is it becoming the place you’d like to return to in the future, instead of the place where you have to go? How important are communication and leadership? Will companies order their employees to return to their office workplaces after all, or will they enable a culture that generates hybrid creativity and communication? Will new forms of work lead to new forms of mobility, innovation and communication? How can we achieve greater sustainability, and what can we do to promote health and wellness? Our experts will address the topic of “Work Culture” from a wide range of perspectives and offer fascinating insights into their thought processes and their work. 

From the showrooms

New ideas for the work environment

The right balance between freedom and obligation will be crucial for our work in the future. However, this balance must be achieved not only in terms of organization but also in terms of physical space. 

You can find inspiring ideas about how spaces can support the new work culture in the virtual showrooms of the IBA Forum.

In the media center

Appreciation, cohesion and leadership

In the new work culture, the place, time and content of work is enhanced by the new facets of health, food, music, creativity and culture, as well as sustainability, energy, new technologies and the dialogue between the generations. In the past there have rarely been so many starting points for shaping work anew. 

In the newsroom of the IBA Forum as well as the media library, we will make available, step by step, expert presentations on the multifaceted topic of “Work Culture”.