Future of Work

Smart office: The networked working environment

An office that switches on the light when you enter, adjusts the temperature of work areas according to the preferences of the respective users and adapts the office furnishings individually to the personal body masses are becoming more and more common in the world of work. Weiterlesen

unsplash.com / @Omar Flores

Orgatec 2022

Co-creation of workplaces at Spotify

On invitation of the design magazine FRAME and IBA, Sonya Simmonds, Head of Workplace Innovation & Design at Spotify, talked at ORGATEC about the importance of co-creation in the evolution of workplace concepts. Weiterlesen

Sonya Simmonds, Spotify

AOK Rhineland

New office culture: Experience the modern health insurance

AOK Rheinland is breaking new ground in its office culture. The new office concept, which illustrates the health insurance company’s self-image as a modern health insurance company, is being introduced in around 60 offices nationwide. Weiterlesen

Cover photo AOK offices

From experience

10 tips for more biophilia in the office

Nature has a positive effect on human well-being. Biophilic design has become a popular design concept for office workplaces. Weiterlesen

Image: Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart, Copyright: Katrin Binner

Highlights from the media centre

Inside out – Outside in: A talk about biophilic design

The concept of biophilic design is allabout improving the human connection to nature. This architectonic concept combines indoors and outdoors and restores the connection with nature inside workspaces. In response to an invitation from FRAME and the IBA, the architect and interior designer Oliver… Weiterlesen

Excerpt from lecture on Biophilic Design, Oliver Heath