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The planthroposcene

The planthroposcene concept refers to the process of harmonising human beings and the natural world by integrating nature into the private sphere — that is, areas such as architecture and interior design. Weiterlesen

Image: unsplash – Copernico P

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Well networked:
New DB Netz AG headquarters
in Frankfurt/Main

The new corporate headquarters of DB Netz AG in Frankfurt am Main is a hub for communication and example of the use of colour in new working… Weiterlesen

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are seeking for more privacy

Every second employee in the USA prefers a desk with clear separations from other workplaces. Source: Gensler U.S. Workplace Survey Winter 2021

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The healing city:
Kurt Ward talks about the future of healthcare

Kurt Ward, the Senior Design Director at Philips Healthcare, about the healthcare of the future and its influence on spatial planning and urban development. Weiterlesen

Image: unsplash – Camilo Jimenez

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Work Scenarios after Covid

“Our takeaway from the coronavirus pandemic” was the theme of a discussion between Birgit Gebhardt, a trend researcher and the author of the New Work Order studies, and Robert Thiemann, the founder and publisher of FRAME magazine, at the IBA Forum on 25 March 2021. We have summarised the key facts. Weiterlesen

Birgit Gebhardt / Robert Thiemann

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Innovation Destination

In his lecture “The changing shape of the workplace”, Prof. Jeremy Myerson spoke at the invitation of FRAME and IBA about how companies will shape spaces for innovation in the future. Weiterlesen

Jeremy Myerson at Frame Agile Working