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Can well-being in the office increase productivity?

Dr Craig Knight on whether employee well-being can lead to greater resilience, stronger employee engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher performance and productivity. Weiterlesen

Measurement of performance with the Knight Index

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People want to meet people: Results of the Workspace Benchmark Report

The future of the world of work is on the move. This is the conclusion of the “Workspace Benchmark Report 2022” by the planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer. Weiterlesen

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Added office value

What role will the office play in the future?

“What are offices actually good for?” is a question that many companies, spatial designers, facility managers and HR executives are currently asking themselves. In times of hybrid work, the office has lost its unique selling proposition and is competing more than ever with alternative workspaces… Weiterlesen

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Added value office

Well-being in the office: The new must-have?

The well-being factor in office design is increasingly becoming a focal point. Companies are addressing the question of how the office can be designed as an attractive, inclusive and supportive place to work. Weiterlesen

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Orgatec 2022
Added value office

Von Theater und Kunst lernen

Nicola Bramkamp, dramaturge, theatre and festival maker, was invited by New Work SE and the IBA to talk at ORGATEC about what companies and employees can learn from theatre and art. Reason enough for us to do another in-depth interview with her. Weiterlesen

Nicola Bramkamp, dramaturge

Hybrid Work

Work better: The office as a place of desire

Ralf Freter and Caroline Mölling, Steelcase, talked at HR trade fair Zukunft Personal in Cologne in September 2022 about the question of how work environments have to be designed in the future so that employees enjoy coming to the office. Weiterlesen

Cover photo: Work better by https://unsplash.com/@edulauton

5 questions to ...

Christoph Magnussen, CEO of Blackboat

In its new format “5 Questions to ...”, IBA spoke with Christoph Magnussen, CEO of Blackboat, about future offices, leadership skills in times of hybrid work and the biggest threat to corporate culture. Weiterlesen

Christoph Magnussen, CEO Blackboat


Circular Office Design: Lecture by Gerda Stelpstra

Gerda Stelpstra, Associate Partner at commercial real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield, Workplace and Wellbeing Strategist, on circular workplaces and on companies´ approaches of setting them up. Weiterlesen

IBA Forum Newsroom - Gerda Stelpstra

Hybrid Work

How hybrid working
is changing our habitat

Futurologist and urban geographer Dr Stefan Carsten talked about how current urban development trends, new mobility concepts and hybrid working are all influencing one another. He sketched out a vision of the future that is characterised by multimodality and flexibility — features that can clearly… Weiterlesen

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Sustainable materials

How can environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials make architecture and design more sustainable? And how can offices be designed and equipped to be as environmentally friendly as possible? On Sustainability Day at the digital IBA Forum, Dr Sascha Peters, the owner of HAUTE INNOVATION, a… Weiterlesen

IBA Forum: Dr. Sascha Peters, HAUTE INNOVATION, on sustainable material developments for future offices.


Sustainable procurement with the LEVEL certificate

Sustainability is an important factor for two-thirds of younger employees. Volker Weßels, Head of European LEVEL, explains the main features of LEVEL certifications. Weiterlesen

interview with Volker Weßels, Head of the European LEVEL programme, FEMB