Circular Office Design: Lecture by Gerda Stelpstra

Gerda Stelpstra, Associate Partner at commercial real estate consultancy Cushman & Wakefield, Workplace and Wellbeing Strategist, on circular workplaces and on companies´ approaches of setting them up. Weiterlesen

IBA Forum Newsroom - Gerda Stelpstra

Hybrid Work

From a 3rd-places model to a 5th-places model

The perfect workspace can be located anywhere. People who want to work flexibly no longer need to limit their options to an office, their home or a co-working space. Weiterlesen

Workplaces: From a 3rd-places model to a 5th-places model

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The psychology of space:
Fit for hybrid work

Office spaces must be redesigned in order to adapt them more closely to the requirements of hybrid work. The following tips from the spatial psychologist and designer Uwe Linke can quickly bring about a positive change in existing office workstations. Weiterlesen

Designer and spatial psychologist Uwe Linke

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Sustainable materials

How can environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials make architecture and design more sustainable? And how can offices be designed and equipped to be as environmentally friendly as possible? On Sustainability Day at the digital IBA Forum, Dr Sascha Peters, the owner of HAUTE INNOVATION, a… Weiterlesen

IBA Forum: Dr. Sascha Peters, HAUTE INNOVATION, on sustainable material developments for future offices.


Sustainable procurement with the LEVEL certificate

Sustainability is an important factor for two-thirds of younger employees. Volker Weßels, Head of European LEVEL, explains the main features of LEVEL certifications. Weiterlesen

interview with Volker Weßels, Head of the European LEVEL programme, FEMB

Future-proof office environments

The Back-to-Office Challenges – Hybrid Work Models Everywhere?

Remote working’s here to stay. Which is why everyone’s talking about hybrid office work. But what does it entail? Weiterlesen

Rooms for stand-up meetings, Image: Wilkhahn