Organization IBA committees

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Committee work is an important part of our association’s activities. This is where the experts from our member companies meet to share their ideas and opinions and to cooperate on project work.


The following IBA committees are currently active:

  • IT Committee
  • Marketing Group
  • Technology Committee
  • Environment Committee

Sporadic meetings are organized for the following expert groups:

  • OFML data creators
  • Working Group Digitalization
  • Working Group Quality Office Certifications

Membership of the committees is open to all IBA members, independently of the type of their membership.

IT Committee

Head: Michael Hoppe, König + Neurath AG, Karben


  • Developing uniform data formats for the visualization of office design (graphic part of the OSML format), merchandising processes (OCD) and sharing of ordering data (OEX)
  • Further development of a tool to check OFML data quality (APODA)
  • Defining a format for the sharing of ordering data from manufacturers/trade
  • Supporting the development of software for office design planning
  • Work in the area of e-Business and e-Procurement, catalogue descriptions and electronic sharing of ordering data
  • Developing a plug-in for calculating reverberation times
  • Proposing an online strategy

Contact: Stefan Kokkes,

Marketing Group

Head: Barbara Schwaibold, IBA, Wiesbaden


  • Identifying and discussing future-oriented themes
  • Defining the main emphases of communication for the IBA
  • Developing communication strategies
  • Processing future-oriented themes, e.g. within the framework of the New Work Order studies, for use in the office design sector
  • Sharing experiences in the areas of media and PR

Contact: Barbara Schwaibold,

Technology Committee

Head: Thomas Vogelbacher, Sedus Stoll AG, Waldshut


  • Coordinating IBA members’ common strategy in national and international standardization projects
  • Representing IBA members’ interests on national and international standardization committees
  • Representing IBA members’ interests on FEMB standardization projects
  • Sharing information and maintaining contacts with testing institutes, the statutory employers’ liability insurance company for administrative employees Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG), the Committee on Product Safety (AfPS) and experts in several subject areas
  • Sharing experiences regarding compliance with standards and regulations
  • Accelerating the use of ergonomic and technical knowledge as the basis for development of new products
  • Participating in relevant committees for networking standardization processes with governmental and private regulations

Contact: Barbara Schwaibold,