Modern Workplace: Techniker Krankenkasse focuses on transformation of the world of work

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The world of work is in transition. New Work and hybrid working are just two of the most important keywords. Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is proactively shaping the transformation of the world of work in its own company.

“Die Techniker” is a federal corporation under public law with self-administration. With around 11.8 million customers, it is the largest nationwide health insurance in Germany. According to its own information, it has about 190 sites of different sizes and tasks and employs about 14,000 people.

The transformation of the world of work is also associated with a major change for the health insurance company and involves fundamental changes in the way the company works. Therefore, it has set itself the target of being a pioneer of technological transformation in the health market.

The challenge: Communicating and motivating change

With the project name “Modern Workplace”, the health insurance scheme has therefore drawn up a comprehensive list of measures (which has already been largely implemented) to enable all employees to work flexibly and indepently of location – starting with the expansion of new workspaces to allow collaboration for working and learning and ending with new tools and apps for interdisciplinary cooperation.

The health insurance company emphasises that this transformation requires all employees to be particularly open to the changes and to be willing to take more initiative and learn continuously. In order to communicate the change throughout the company to all employees in all its aspects and to motivate them for the change, the Hamburg communication experts from Big Picture were consulted to support the internal project communication.

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The cooperation in the three-month project period took place in a multi-stage process. An initial briefing phase was followed by workshops with managers and other stakeholders with relevance for change communication. In these workshops, the visual design of the cultural change in the company was developed using a concept board, along with other tools. Subsequently, a “big picture” graphic and a digital “click picture” for employees were generated from the whiteboard version. The Techniker Krankenkasse is currently integrating both elements into its internal communication in order to give employees an understanding of the company´s change and to get them enthusiastic about it.

The Modern Workplace project of Techniker Krankenkasse visualises its use for internal communication. Image: Big Pictury GmbH
The "Modern Workplace" project of Techniker Krankenkasse visualises its use for internal communication. Image: Big Pictury GmbH

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Cover photo: Big Pictury GmbH