Recent study proves: Employees desire more eco-friendly offices

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The Corona pandemic has not only led to a more sustainable lifestyle in personal life. 87 % of German employees desire a more eco-friendly office – and also expect corresponding company activities. This is what Essity’s “Tork Eco Office Study” says. In addition, sustainability has become an important factor for recruiting professionals.

A total of 12,000 employees from seven European countries were surveyed for the study, around 2,000 also in Germany. In all countries it is visible how the expectation in terms of sustainability has changed after returning to the office: 43 % of all employees are of the opinion that their office is “shamefully” unecological. In Germany, the figure is 31 %. Almost half of all respondents are disappointed that their employer did not improve anything during the pandemic. This is valid for Europe as well as for Germany.

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Small actions with big impact

In Germany, 87 % of people surveyed desire a more eco-friendly office. 67% also say that they choose a new employer based on its reputation and actions in the area of sustainability. This makes sustainability (which includes an eco-friendly office) a key issue for retaining and attracting professionals. Almost 40% of survey participants in Germany say they would like to see more energy-saving measures in their company. Avoiding waste, recycling and better internal sustainability communications are other important topics for them.

The most common “environmental sins” in German offices

  1. Light is on all day
  2. Employees mix recycling waste
  3. No charging stations for electric cars
  4. Computers are always connected with charging cables
  5. Heating system runs with open windows
  6. Payroll and other office correspondence are issued in paper form
  7. Employees throw food into the residual waste
  8. Heating is on for no reason
  9. All company cars run on petrol or diesel
  10. Computers left on at night

The study on eco-friendliness of offices was conducted by hygiene and health company Essity. “The Tork Eco Office study makes (...) clear how people’s attitudes have changed in recent months. The issue of sustainability is taken more seriously than ever, both in the private and in the office. Many people recycle and try to save energy at home. They therefore expect the same from their employer, and companies that take action here have a clear advantage in the job market,” says Oliver Obel, VP Marketing and Sales Professional Hygiene at Essity.

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Cover photo of this article: Steve Johnson at unsplash